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Performing Arts educators are constantly exploring and analyzing the creative process in order to bring this knowledge to their students, allowing students to connect the arts and many other areas of learning. Opening students to the arts paves the way for future creativity by giving them the tools to start down the path of a more productive life. Joshua Christian Academy offers its students comprehensive instruction in the arts from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. The recognition and incorporation of the arts in students’ lives at school validate their learning and accomplishments in several areas.

Middle school students all participate in the many art activities and music classes at their level. In addition to the General Music classes given, there are performance opportunities for both beginning and more advanced learners. Our Middle school art program is designed to allow students to explore their interest, as well as nurture their possibilities.

Our High School program has a wide range of possibilities in the arts. Students may explore Chorus, Dance, Photography, Theater, Set Production, Sound Engineering, Video Production, and many more to come. Students will be able to showcase their talents and what they learned during our Fall Play, Winter Concert, and Spring Musical.

Joshua Christian Academy’s Fine Arts Department stays in line with our core curriculum, as well as our other educational departments. We the value of arts education in preparing our students for full, productive, and creative lives.

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