For more information, call us now: 904-388-2227


How do I begin the application process?
There are two primary ways to begin applying to JCA. You may either contact our Admissions Department at 904-388-2227, or you may access application online.
What documents do I need in order to complete the application process?
Each division requires different documents; however, all applicants must complete an application. This link can be found on our website under the Admissions Tab.
Will my student need to take an entrance test?
Students entering grades K-12 will be given an entrance test prior to acceptance.
After completion of the admissions process, what other documents do I need for registration?
Once the admissions process is complete, and your student has been accepted, you will need these documents for registration: a copy of the birth certificate, the Social Security numbers of student and parent, Florida Health Department Shot Record, Florida Health Department Physical, JCA Medical Information, signed Pledge of Cooperation, Publication Agreement, Registration Information Form, and the admissions fee. Keep in mind that depending on your time of registration, tuition payments may also be required at registration.


What fees do I have to pay in order to register?
There is a $125 registration fee that is to be paid at the time of registration. Depending on the time of your registration and the payment plan you choose, tuition payments may also be due.
Are payment plans available?
Yes. We have several payment plans available. We offer 1 and 2 payment plans which include a 5% and 3% discount respectively, as well as a 12-month and 10- month plan. The 12-month plan begins June 1, and the 10-month plan begins July 1. Please note: If you register your child after the month in which a payment plan begins, you will need to pay the plan up-to-date at the time of registration.
How much are the tuition and fees?
Please see the financial rate sheet under the Admissions tab


What scholarships do you accept at JCA?
Joshua Christian Academy participates in state and local scholarship programs.
What is the McKay scholarship?
The McKay Scholarship is for students with learning disabilities or specific services. We only accept this scholarship under specific guidelines. If your student has an IEP or 504 Plan and has been awarded the McKay scholarship, you may be eligible for admission into JCA. Our goal is to make sure that we are able to meet the needs of your student. If your child requires accommodations that we are unable to meet, we will not be able to accept your student. This scholarship is applied to the cost of tuition, and any remaining balance and all fees are the responsibility of the parent. JCA accepts only a limited number of these scholarships. Please contact the Admissions department prior to applying if your child has an IEP or 504 Plan.
What is the Step Up for Students Scholarship?
The SUFS Scholarship is awarded by the state of Florida to families who meet the income requirements. This scholarship is applied to the cost of the tuition, and any remaining balance and all fees are the responsibility of the parent.


What are your school hours?
Kindergarten – 5th: 8:30-3:00 Upper School: 8:10am-3:15pm
What before & after school daycare is available?
Morning care begins as early as 6:00am, and after care is provided until 6:00pm. Rates and fees are available under the Admissions tab.
Do your students wear uniforms?
Yes, all students wear uniforms. Uniform can be purchased from the school store.
What lunch options are available?
All students have the option of bringing their lunch; However lunch will be provided every day.
What curriculum does JCA use?
In our Lower School, JCA uses Houghton Mifflin Harcourt . In the Upper School, JCA uses a Technology Integrated curriculum.
Will my child have Bible class?
Yes, each student will have a Bible class each day. Each student will also attend a chapel service once a week.
Dual Enrollment
We are partnering with FSCJ with a dual enrollment program. This allows juniors and seniors who have passed FSCJ’s dual enrollment test to earn college & high school credits simultaneously.
May I tour the school?
Yes, we would love to show you around our campus and answer any questions you may have! Please call the school to request a tour..